Milton Estévez, composer

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VIII Festival Ecuatoriano de Música Contemporánea

Lecturing Cantos Rodados, I-p2 DIC, Edición Archivo: Música Shuar de la amazonía ecuatoriana

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  Music Related Consulting    

Project Director.
Architectural Programming of Multidisciplinary Centers for Artistic Education.
Ministry of Education of Ecuador

Head of project.
University of the Arts.
Ministry of Culture of Ecuador

Advisor to the Ministry of Culture.
Ministry of Culture of Ecuador

Head consultant and project designer.
Ecuadorean Music Network.
Ministry of Culture of Ecuador

Ecuadorean Network of Symphonic Music.
Ministry of Culture/National Symphony Orchestra of Ecuador

Artistic founder, adviser, and advocate.
Ecuadorean Festival of Contemporary Music,
1987- present.

Project designer.
Complejo Afroamericano para la Interculturalidad,

sponsored by UNESCO, including an academic and developmental project for the Municipal Conservatory of Esmeraldas.
Municipality of Esmeraldas, Ecuador, 2003.


Project designer.
Musical Training, Creativity and Outreach.

Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana of Carchi, Ecuador. Quito, 1989.


Project designer and head consultant.
Institutional Development Project for the National Conservatory of Music and the National Symphony Orchestra of Ecuador.

FONAPRE (National Development Fund, Ecuador), 1988.



Music Related Presentations, Lectures...


"Ecuadorean Music at a Glance", on savant and traditional music from Ecuador.

PowerPoint presentation, video projection, and lecture on a multimedia project directed by Estévez while he was serving as an adviser to the Ministry of Culture and produced by the Ministry in 2012.  Louisville, 2015. Available in English and Spanish.

Bartok and the Different Ways of Nationalism”,
analysis and discussion on Bela Bartok’s The Miraculous Mandarin (also available as a lecture).

“Musical Semiotics?”, presentation on musical sense and signification.

“Shifting Ancestors”, presentation on tracks of similarity, diversity, and exchanges in cultural sources of music from the Americas.

and Art Music”,

presentation linking art music with general areas of curriculum and promoting the listening of art music at school and home. For college students, professors and pre-service and in-service teachers.

“Contemporary Music in Ecuador”,
review and analysis of contemporary composers from Ecuador (also available as a lecture).

“Computer-based Notation Projects”, workshops on music notation and sequencing with Finale/PC or Mac.