Milton Estévez, composer

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VI Festival Ecuatoriano de Música Contemporánea

Conducting Cantos Rodados, I-p4

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Music Composition/Research Music Performance

Free-lance composer. (Symphonic, chamber, electro-acoustical and mixed music). 1976-present.

Department of Arts and Sciences, Spalding University, Louisville, 1997-2002.

Visiting Composer-in-Residence.
School of Music, University of Louisville, 1994-1997.

Researcher and project director.
Implicit System in Shuar Music. Research for the National Conservatory of Music, Quito, Ecuador, sponsored by UNESCO, 1985-1994.

Researcher and composer.
Piel Negra sobre la Cordillera (Black Skin on the Highlands). Research and score on Afro-Ecuadorean music.
Slide-show soundtrack for the Congress of Black Cultures in Panamá, 1978.

Member of the Carlos Bonilla guitar trio. (Classical and popular guitar), 1969-1978.

Solo and duo guitar appearances at different venues in Europe, Ecuador, and USA, since 1969.



Music Teaching

Music Leadership Roles


Professor of Music: Composition, Analysis, Orchestration and Computer Applications. Department of Research, Composition, and Musical Outreach -DIC, National Conservatory of Music, Quito, 1985-1994.

Academic Director at the School of Music / Conductor of the Youth Symphony Orchestra.
National Symphony Orchestra of Ecuador, 1985-1988.

Professor of Classical Guitar and Music Theory.
National Conservatory of Music, Quito, 1972-1980 (Chair, 1978-80).

Master classes to composition students: Freiburg, Bogotá, Quito, 1997-2003.

Teacher of musical education and fine art at the Intisana Middle and High School, Quito, 1969-1972.

Artistic advisor and advocate. Ecuadorean Festival of Contemporary Music. 2000-present.

Founder and Artistic Director.
Ecuadorean Festival of Contemporary Music, 1987-1994.

Founder and Artistic Director.
Música de Nuestro Tiempo (chamber music series), Ecuador, 1987-1994.

Project Designer and Artistic Director.
Project of Research, Composition and Musical Outreach. National Conservatory of Music. Quito, Ecuador, 1985-1994.


  Professional Affiliations    

SACEM (French Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Editors SISAC).

CAE (National Society of Architects, Ecuador).

RIIP (Interdisciplinary Network for Research and Regional, Urban, and Architectural Design and Planning), Ecuador.

EKANA (Corporation for Education and Cultural Projects), Ecuador.